We are a small and select kennel situated in Shropshire UK
Our aim is to breed quality; happy, healthy, dogs for the show ring, and, occasionally, for selected pet homes.  Puppies join their new families fully insured, kennel club registered and with a lifetime of help and support for their new owners. Most people who buy our puppies become family friends and we love to receive updates and photographs of them in their new homes.

Dachshunds have been part of my life for the past fifty years. My parents acquired their first standard long in the early sixties, an ex show girl called Rosteague Ringlet, the most beautiful dog I had ever seen, from then on there was only one breed for me. Black Rock of Voryn, and several other standard longs followed over the years
I purchased my next bitch, a miniature longhaired in the late eighties, and began to show and breed again.  I produced my first champion in 2000, Findowrie Society Lord, the first miniature longhaired champion of the new century. His name appears in many pedigrees, and he has produced a champion son, two champion grandsons, a champion granddaughter, and several CC and Res CC winners. He is my pride and joy, a really special little dog, and I love him to bits!!

                            Maureen Poole
My Findowrie affix was registered in 1970, when I bred my first litter. Holly, my small standard bitch, was mated to a miniature champion and produced five gorgeous black and tan puppies. Nicholas went to live with my sister, Maximillian went to our GP, and I just couldn’t bear to part with the other three.  Noelle, William and Fleur were part of our family for the next sixteen years, and my children have very happy memories of their four-legged playmates.